Brand Identity Concept

Gaspard is a financial advisor who allows you to compare the different insurances and financial products on the market. Gaspard innovates in the way it provides information because research results only from the consumer’s need.

Client: BPCE
Services: Design, Art Direction, Website
Role: Lead UX/UI Designer


This project was the longest I have ever had in my school. A major French banking group, after inspecting foreign markets, asked us to copy the concept of Gobear, a comparator of insurance and banks in Asia. We had to integrate this company into the French market, i.e. present a business plan, financial documents to prove our profitability, legal texts, databases, banking… as well as define a clear marketing strategy for the end user.
This project was more than interesting and allowed me to put myself in the shoes of a person who creates a startup.

1. Models

2. Advertising

3. Social networks